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From kiosks to digital signage, our products can be ordered in standard models. These models are adapted to suit your needs as much as possible. Many optional accessories are available for the standard models. You can also opt for custom work. You are then purchasing a kiosk that, both in terms of software as well as appearance and application, is completely tailored to your situation. Supervision and advising are essential elements of the total product. As an additional option, you may purchase only the exterior of the kiosk. You can then use hardware and software from your regular vendor. Company Profile >>


Super slim information kiosk,trade-shows kiosk
Dual screen payment kiosk
ual Screen Information Kiosk for Information Check
Compact wall mount internet kiosk with metal keyba
Desktop touchscreen internet kiosk
Standard SAW Touch Screen
Iron Frame Infrared Touch Screen
Surface Capacitive Touch Screen
5-Wire Ordinary Resistive Touch screen
Desktop touch monitor
Wall-mounting Touch Monitor
Open Frame Touch Monitor
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Beijing OSK Technology was established in March 1998, is a major manufacturer of kiosks and digital signages. We are located in Beijing and have been in business for 12 years.With extensive experience in metal processing and assembly and equpipped with state-of-the-art technology, we guarantee top quality of our every product... Read More
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